Your Passed Down Destiny

What is 'passed down destiny'? Addictions and issues that afflict us from the time of birth like a mother using drugs giving birth to a baby who has the addiction or a baby which natural father has an alcohol addiction are some examples. Learned behavior patterns like domestic violence, unfaithfulness, abuse, poverty, lack of education, anger issues, lawless or gang behavior and gaming the system are learned behaviors that are so entrenched in the foundation of our beliefs that it becomes generational … passed down Destinies.

Those in these kinds of circumstances frequently respond to the question of 'why' with time worn words, 'my whole family is like this, even my grandparents. It's just who we are, always have been. ' And over the years, it becomes their history. If there is a doubting Thomas in the family look for that to be the first one who leaves and breaks out of the tradition of losing. Why is that? Because the me you see is the me you'll be. They do not believe what they see or hear and so are open to expecting or demanding something more in life.

These afflictions are common and are identified as societal issues, defined by the word 'dysfunctional,' yet they are the norm for the family who is covered in its grip. For the most part it is a pretty depressing life that seems hopeless. There are support groups and counsel who specialize in breaking these chains that bind so tightly. Many have been very successful. Regardless of the method you choose to combat these invisible enemies, there are five magic words that lie behind every 'cure.'

Put a stop to it. That is the magic formula, those five simple words. Leaving this kind of despair behind requires you to put a stop to every behavior that reinforces it; Including accepting it as truth. You must be willing to examine your own behavior and how it affects the lives you touch. Whenever that behavior rears its head, put a stop to it. Stopping domestic violence, unfaithfulness, abuse, poverty, lack of education, anger issues, lawless, gaming the system or any other behavior that causes you pain, including substance abuse, requires you to put a stop to it.

If you are tired of the hand me down state of mind that has accompanied you on your life journey without ever asking your permission to be in your life, put a stop to it. You have to be willing to pay attention to your responses and examine your belief system to break the pattern. Wherever it originated from, it belongs to that person, not you. It became a part of your life because you were too young or helpless to make a change, now you are older and wiser. You have a choice to pass down a better destiny, one that you create, to your children and grandchildren as you alter the course of your own life … if you are willing to put a stop to it.

Source by Alexa Keating

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