Xeriscaping Plants – What are They? Find Out Here

It is actually a landscaping technique using native plants (native to your community) to help beautify your garden, backyard, or business property. And at the same time help conserve water and protect the surrounding environment. There is an abundance of color with these type of plants almost all will require moderate to almost no additional water.

Below is a list of some plants that will do well in the desert southwest. They may even do well in almost any area just be sure to ask your friendly nursery expert if these plants would be suitable for your area.

  • Ocotllio or Fouquieria splendes. Very Distinctive shrub. Bright orange tubular spring flowers that attract hummingbirds. Full sun. 10 'ft spacing, No fertilizer. Very low water once established.
  • Mexican Sage or Salvia leucantha Purple spikes with small white blooms and arching stems. Full sun to partial shade. Up to 4 'ft tall and 5' wide. Low and drought tolerant shrub. Excellent Hedge for xeriscaping garden.
  • Green Cloud Sage or Leucophyllum fructescens Compact branched evergreen. Purple violet flowers, usually after summer rains. Native plant. 6 'ft tall 6' ft wide. Good Hedge for southwestern landscapes
  • Texas Ranger Sage or Leucophyllum fructescens Evergreen with silver and gray foliage 1 "bell shaped flowers, white to purple and lavenders colors. Full Sun 6 'ft tall 8' wide. Low water usage very drought tolerant plant.
  • Red bird of paradise or Caesaplinia pulcherrima Clusters of orange or red flowers with long red stamens. Very fast growing. Tropical shrub, Evergreen in the deepest part of the southwest. Sold as an annual in some parts of the southwest.
  • Mexican bird of paradise or Caesaplinia pulcherrima Clusters of bright yellow flowers with long yellow stamens. Very fast growing shrub in the southwestern desert. Full sun, Very low water usage and drought tolerant plant. Click here for more drought plant species.
  • Chocolate Flower or Berlandiera lyrata Small perennial produces yellow flowers with a distinct chocolate fragrance. Makes an excellent sensory garden. Full Sun, 1'ft tall 2'ft wide. Low water usage. Remove old flowers to encourage blooming.
  • Spanish Bayonet or Yucca aloifolia Native plant resembles a palm. 4 "white flower clusters. Excellent xeriscaping shrub. Up to 10'ft tall 3'ft wide. Moderate water usage.
  • Cider Gum Tree or Eucalyptus gunnii Evergreen. White flowers in the spring. Full Sun up to 75'ft tall and 30'ft wide. Low water usage and Drought tolerant.
  • Red Oleander or Nerium. Evergreen shrub with large single bright red flowers blooming all summer. 15'ft tall and 8'ft wide. Fertilize in spring. Low water usage once established. Red, White and pink varieties.
  • Lantana – 3ft tall and wide. Varieties have colors of red, blue, purple and yellow. Will flower during summer. Is an excellent large ground cover. Will go dormant during winter but will pop up in early summer with fantastic all summer long colors.

Source by Paul Guzman

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