Why the Law of Attraction Failed to Work For Me & What Finally Transformed My Life Forever

Do you remember the feeling of hope and excitement you felt when you first watched The Secret? I remember feeling like this was the answer I had been searching for. BUT, for many of us, myself included, that excitement soon turned into frustration?

I began to feel that even though thousands of others had succeeded with The Law Of Attraction, I just wasn’t able to get it right. After all, I was trying so hard and nothing much seemed to be happening. I even questioned if The Law Of Attraction was really true or simple a money-making scam set to prey on gullible people like you and me.

I soon discovered that I wasn’t alone. About 97% of individuals couldn’t make the Law of Attraction work the first time (or second or even the third time) they tried it. But then I realized that perhaps my expectations were a tad unrealistic. After all, I couldn’t expect to reverse a lifetime of negative thinking with a few affirmations and visualizations. And just like any other skill, I needed to practice the Law Of Attraction consistently before I would get any good at it. The Law Of Attraction is powerful, but it isn’t magic. I mean, think about it. Are you always good at something the first time you tried it? Think of the first time you drove a car? Were you any good? Or was it all so complex that you felt you might never learn to drive? It’s the same with The Law Of Attraction. The more you practice The Law Of Attraction, the better you will get at it.

This is easier said than done, because on the surface The Law Of Attraction looks so logical and simple.But it’s not quite so easy to put into practice. It’s very easy to stay positive when everything is going well. But when challenges arise (and they will) you become frustrated and  it becomes increasingly hard to stay positive. And it’s even harder to stay positive when the evidence all around you seems to suggest failure and defeat. 

But you know what happens when you fail to stay in a positive frame of mind? That’s right – More negativity comes back to you, often compounded!

So how can we make the Law of Attraction work  for you, even during challenging and frustrating times?

Here are three suggestions. I hope that you find them as useful and helpful as I have.

 Allow Yourself To Receive. Many of us are so busy rushing around from person to person, or from one money-making program to another looking for answers that we are never still long enough for the Universe to fulfill our request.

Behaving in this manner belies a lack of faith that our desires will really get fulfilled. This can be incredibly hard to do but you need to focus on your desire and then trust that it will be fulfilled when the time is right. The Universal timetable may not be the same as ours.

That’s why you need to be patient with yourself. Receiving takes time. In this case trying harder is not the answer. So many times when our efforts don’t seem to be producing any outward results, we redouble our efforts at using the Law Of Attraction. But just as cookies can’t be baked in half the time by doubling the temperature, likewise we cannot rush the process of manifestation.

So relax, be patient and trust that you will get the desired results!

And lastly get the support and information you need in order to succeed.

You cannot do this on your own. Get support and guidance from others who have already achieved what you are trying to achieve. And continue learning all you can about the 11 Universal Laws and how to apply them to transform your life

It was only once I realized that The Law Of Attraction wasn’t the complete answer. It was just a small (but albeit very important part) of the puzzle of success, that things began to change for me. Expecting The Law Of Attraction to work on it’s own without the other 11 Universal Laws is  like trying to bake a cake with just one ingredient. The only thing you’ll get is a flop.

A successful life is the result of applying all 11 Universal Laws which are often referred to as the 11 Forgotten Laws, because so few people know about them or practice them.

And stop looking at The Law Of Attraction as an overnight delivery service!

Source by Sadiyya Patel

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