Why Marriage Is Not From God

Humans are the only people who engage in marriage and it is only practised by those reared in religious societies. The idea that it comes from God and that it is commanded in the bible is false and one has only to observe the animal kingdom to discover that it’s lie. After my reincarnation and led by the Spirit of the Universe to find answers and rip down the wall of deceit it is the Internet that is doing most of the work.

To examine the process of how couples find each other and are attracted by love to engage in producing children, and so on, one can see the fallacy of a life time commitment by contract and promises. It does not work as shown by the many divorces and domestic violence related incidences.

No one can own another person and yet that is what marriage is designed to do. It started in Babylon with the Mother God, Mary. This entity is a personification of the sun-star, which is also represented by the five-point star on the flag of Islam and on the logos of major institutions. The latter include the law, military, governments, and business.

‘Marry’ and Mary have the same meaning and while it once meant that men rose up to heaven after dying on crosses to fertilise her it was Constantine who made her chief God of the Catholic Church. He established that institution in the year 325 and it is based on the Islamic religion of Babylon.

It is the result of the emphasis on the New Testament that was compiled and largely written by Jerome that it has gained in favour. Until the 18th and 19th Centuries few people engaged in it. Marriage is a large and important part of getting people to believe in the religion and the false gods it worships. It is certainly not a directive from God.

Source by Norma Holt

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