White Gold Jewelry: Why It's Stunning!

I heard about white gold a few years ago and remember how intrigued I was to hear about an alternative to traditional yellow gold.

White gold jewelry is great because it looks fresh. It is quite neutral and understated and thus looks great on most people, which you can not say about traditional yellow gold. Sometimes traditional gold does not quite fit with a person's character because it is bold and quite charismatic. However, as I said with white gold jewelry, it is understated and so should suit almost anyone. While gold jewelry will also fit with most of your clothes. Again, the reason for this boils down to its neutral color. Traditional yellow gold is bold and probably will not compliment your appearance if you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, for example. This also means that you can only wear your yellow gold jewelry on certain occasions for when dressed a certain why. Again, white gold looks great on you no matter what you're wearing.

Another great attribute of white gold jewelry is that it looks great when encrusted with diamonds or precious stones. The neutral white gold will draw attention to the diamond or precious stone and will add an element of mystery and intrigue to the piece of jewelry. Traditional gold can also capture this aura, but personally I think that white gold does it best.

So, if you are looking for jewelry, go with white gold! It is fresh, looks great on anyone, compliments your clothing, and attracts intrigue and curiosity.

Source by Hein Kok

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