When Not to Wear Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Any way you look at it, a diamond engagement ring will always be a prized possession. Not only because of the obvious monetary expenditure its purchase entailed, but also because it symbolizes the fact that someone cares enough for you to want to spend the rest of his or her life with you. It has sentimental value as well as monetary value and, well, it is just so irresistibly beautiful.

This train of thought is the reason many brides never remove their engagement rings. Keeping such a jewel on their finger constantly reminds them that someone out there loves them and cared for them enough to offer them this beautiful symbol. It is human nature and perfectly understandable.

However, brides who are unwilling to remove their diamond engagement ring to undertake certain specific activities may well find that their ring becomes damaged and lustre-less much more rapidly than those of their more in-the-know friends. There are certain (thankfully few) occasions in which you simply have to remove your ring, and the most relevant of these are listed below.

Most Physical Activities

Have you ever watched a professional sports event and noticed a player wearing a little white band of tape on his or her ring finger? Guess what it is doing there. Precisely – protecting the jewel. And remember in school, when your PE teacher made you dump your rings in the bank along with other valuables? There was a reason for that, too.

Sports activities are one of the top causes of damage to a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring and can also lead to other, parallel types of ring-related trouble. For instance, should you hurt your finger or hand, it might swell, making the ring extremely difficult to remove; alternatively, the jewel can simply slip off your finger during a game or workout, or become damaged after it is hit by a ball or a similar object. When preparing to play sports or go to the gym, it is therefore advisable to leave your jewellery at home.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities, such as camping or gardening, are incompatible with engagement rings for many of the same reasons as sports. Plus, there is the added annoyance stemming from your ring becoming dirty or muddy and losing its sheen. Camping also has the added risk of the ring’s becoming lost in the woods, which is guaranteed to make it almost impossible to find. The same applies to the beach, where sand can easily slip under the diamond and cause it to become loose.


In what is actually a surprising revelation for many women, pampering and self-indulgent sessions are not entirely compatible with a precious gem, either. Shopping sprees where lots of clothes are tried on, for instance, can easily lead to the ring’s getting caught in fabric and either becoming damaged or damaging the clothes. Nail salon appointments, on the other hand, carry the risk of spraying chemicals onto the ring or of leaving it behind. For that reason, stones are best left at home if any of these activities are included in the day’s plans. Perhaps even more surprisingly, sleeping and showering can also cause damage to the ring, as it can fall off during the night, or become dulled by constant exposure to soaps and water. Plus, there is always the risk of the jewel’s falling down the drain, another nightmare moment for an owner of a diamond engagement ring.

Sometimes rings are best left at home, rather than risking their becoming damaged or lost. Your better half will not love you less if you don’t wear your ring 24/7, so be sensible and use your better judgement.

Source by Frank L Orman

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