Top Five Tips To Writing A Great Press Release

I have spent some time to summarize what I call are the top areas that you must focus on so you can write that one of kind press release. Now, these are not written in any particular order, and you must consider all of these factors.

1. Write About An Interesting Subject. You begin your press release with a brief description of interest and then, move onto writing about your product and company. Your subject must be one that people would like to be read about and one that is new, unique, and interesting. It would be ideal is your topic is unique enough that it was never heard of.

2. Write With A Focus. You must have a clear direction on what you are writing about and who you are write to. Therefore, get to know your audience and write to them. Tell your readers the benefits of your promotion and/or product so that it will easily picked up by the media and other new readers too.

3. Generate Curiosity For Your Reader. Be the first on the block to blast your message out to the world. You need to provide just enough information, but do not give all of the information about your product or what you are promoting to your audience. Allow your reader to have interest in your promotion. Make your headline grab the reader’s attention by giving them a “hook” so that can they are interesting in reading your article.

4. Have A Good Written Structure. You must write your press release in the “third person” voice, provide your detailed contact information (name, address, phone, email, website address), and keep your press release length to under one page or 500 words – limit your information to get the media interested.

5. Use Web 2.0 Techniques. This may be considered as part of your press release, but using the new web 2.0 avenues can certainly stir-up your reader’s interest and give you the great chances to reach even more readers. In newer press release sites, you can may consider adding the following features: 1) adding syndicate content with RSS feeds and podcasts, 2) give reader ability to download in different readable formats – interaction PDF or Sony Reader, 3) attach multimedia files, 4) place special tags in your biography or resource box, and 5) add tag clouds to keep the pulse of the internet.

Source by Alan Lucman

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