The Importance of Stem Cells in a Wrinkle Cream Or Treatment

For those who pay attention to the anti aging industry or the wrinkle cream business, you know that there are often new revelations and finding that promise to change the industry as we know it. Whether it is a basic wrinkle cream using the newest treatment from a tropical island that no one has heard of or an eye serum that uses a combination of berries that prove to do little in the actual treatment of your skin, skin care products often promise the World and deliver next to nothing. How is a consumer to know which "latest finding" is actually the answer they have been looking for in a wrinkle cream or eye gel? The author examines how to differentiate the important information from the nonsense so that consumers can successfully navigate the anti aging industry and find the treatments that they are looking for.

The easiest way to identify which of these "revelations" are the ones you should be listening to is to do a bit of research. By searching the internet to find the clinical studies or en vitro studies that support the findings that you are reading about, you are quickly able to separate the real from the pretend. Wrinkle cream companies often provide information to you about how well this active ingredient works or how quickly their product will work, yet there is no published documentation to support these claims. Consumers should beware of any product that can not be supported with actual clinical findings conducted by scientists.

When stem cells were first announced in the anti aging industry, they too were considered to be too good to be true. The combination of the lack of consumer education about stem cells and how they work on your skin and the fact that the results that they achieve are so diverse consumers were originally doubtable about the potency of this ingredient and certainly the products that use it. In addition, the fact that very few companies are willing to spend the money on research and formulation needed to include stem cells into their products also contributed to a lack of consumer confidence. However, once the ingredient and more importantly the results this ingredient can provide become more visible to consumers, the more research these consumers did.

What their research found out is that the published clinical studies of Stem Cells are just as impressive as much of the hype surrounding the ingredient. Due to the fact that stem cells are such an advanced treatment for skin conditions such as wrinkles, spotting and discoloration the results achieved are unlike any other ingredient in the business. This creates both doubt and hope within consumers, something that is very common when it comes to new treatments.

Experts, however, agree that the development of stem cells as skin care treatments is by far the most important advancement in the skin care industry in over 20 years. Its high powered effectiveness and rapid results are the cornerstone of any product that uses them. There is no one ingredient more recommended by dermatologists around the world, in fact, many doctors will not even recommend a topical treatment for aging, except the product includes stem cells. That is very firm endorsement of wrinkle creams and eye gels that use Stem Cells and a daunting critic of those that do not.

Source by Mark A Robbins

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