The Hyperactive Child – Four Tips For Parents

Blame the media! All this TV, PlayStations, cell phones, Internet and DVDs are the cause of ADHD, obesity and will negatively affect your child's health. A sweeping generalization, as my father was so fond of saying! Before we examine the hyperactive child and the other problem areas associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), let us look at some common symptoms and some solutions for children with rather special needs.

It will probably be the child's teacher who will first notice that there may be a problem as the child (if indeed s / he has ADHD). Non-stop motion, fidgeting and failure to focus are going to impact negatively on the child's grades. Disruptive children may also affect negatively on their brothers and sisters' academic achievements purely by the disturbance and noise they make. Not to mention putting a strain on the parents' marriage. Once properly diagnosed, you will have to make an informed choice about ADHD medications but here are four tips to help you cope with the hyperactivity.

1st – Reduce Media Use. All media is not bad. It may be educational or just for fun. The main thing you can do as a parent is to find out what your kids are watching and doing with this stuff. Even soft porn TV programs can lead to kids imitating what they see on the screen, leading to a rather too early experimentation with sex. Much better to control the use of the media and explain that sex and violence are a no-no and why! Then, make sure that there is lots of active outdoor stuff you can do with them – hiking, biking and skating, just to mention a few.

2nd – Plan Your Kids' Day. Just a bit of planning and telling your child what is going to happen during the day makes a great difference to you and him or her. First your child knows what is coming and so do you! This helps to reduce stress and chaos all round.

3rd- The Teacher Is Your Ally. You need to have a really good relationship with their teacher.
You can check with her about how your child is behaving in the classroom. It is a good way of keeping an eye on their progress because a lot of the hyperactivity may occur in the classroom setting – answering out of turn, relationships with classmates, interfering and accessibility to focus.

4th – Avoid Shopping Malls. If you have shopping to do, try to make sure that you do not drag your kid along. Research has shown that this type of outing is adjusting for children with ADHD. Much better to make sure that the child stays with a friend at home, while you get a break and can do your shopping in peace!

Are you worried about conventional ADHD medication for your child? You may know that the child's development (weight and height) is negatively affected compared with other children.

If you want more information on ADHD alternative therapy, the link below will give you all the information you need.

Source by Robert William Locke

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