The Best Earrings To Buy Are The Ones She Loves The Most

Women have a drawer full of earrings. Some real, some costume, some bought for a specific occasion or to wear with a specific outfit. So when you decide to buy a special pair of earrings for your special lady, who may that be, you have an uphill climb. Not only do you have to figure out what she already owns, you must also figure out what type of earring she likes to wear. Figuring out what she already owns is up to you, but we can tell you that you can choose from three types of earrings – studs, hoops, and drop. Do some investigation and homework before heading out the door.

Studs are by far the simplest earrings to shop for, but that does not mean they're cheap. You can find them in small white or yellow gold balls reasonably priced, but you can also get them with precious gemstones or diamonds which get pricey as you go up in carat weight. Avoid gemstones unless you know exactly what she wants. Gold or diamond studs are your best choices, because she can wear them all the time and they will match almost everything she owns. Make sure you purchase studs that are proportional to her ear size. Just because you can afford to buy two-carat diamond earrings does not mean you should. Diamonds or gold balls that are too big for a woman's face look fake and cheap. The best earrings for her are sized appropriately.

Hoop earrings are another simple yet elegant choice. They're just that basic – hoops. But again, that does not mean they're cheap. Some hoops are made by bending hollow gold tube, others are solid gold wire. Both the wire and the hoop come in different diameters, and it makes a huge difference in price, weight on the ear, and how the gift is appreciated. You can get a little fancier with hoops if you start looking at channel-set gemstones, but they're hard to match, so be careful. The same advice for size works here as well – do not get huge gold hoop earrings because you think bigger is better. If they're too large, you'll send a very unwelcomed message. Usually hoops between "" and 1 "" are safe bets.

The hardest earrings to buy are drop or dangle earrings, just because of the variety. If she loves drop earrings, consider a simple pearl or gold ball hanging on the end of a single chain. If she has long hair, avoid drops completely. The best earrings in drop style, again, are the simplest ones. Anything beyond that will be hard to match and rarely worn.

One important final note: Never buy any earring that has anything less than a surgical stainless steel or 14k gold post. Many women are allergic to nickel, and low quality gold and cheap stainless steels are loaded with it. Expose her to nickel, and her ear may turn green and become infected. That's a quick way to spoil an other wonderful surprise gift for her new, best earrings.

Source by Tom T. Kerr

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