Stop Alcohol Abuse

Anyone who has gotten into the bad habit of abusing alcohol or any other substance has fallen into the category of substance abuse. It is a common event and an expensive pastime and will lead to serious health problems as well has ruining family and other relationships. It is estimated that in the US and Canada alone that 100,000 deaths are caused by the result of alcohol abuse every year.

Alcohol is on top of the list of drugs most abused by children between the ages of 12 and 17, in other words minors. The most common cause of death in teenagers is motor accidents due to excessive alcohol, although other resulting behavior patterns include high-risk sexual habits, getting poor grades or low job performance, the use of tobacco products and experimenting with illegal drugs.

The problem is that our kids tend to suffer from depression, so alcohol and drugs are just a bi product in the attempt to get over feeling depressed. You know if you have a problem related to alcohol abuse when it effects your health or your natural abilities in your daily life. Alcoholism is just a term used for anyone who is physically or emotionally dependent on alcohol in order to get through the day.

There is no defined mode of alcohol abuse as drinking habits vary from getting drunk on a daily basis to just drinking way to much at the weekend. You quite often find that sufferers will tend to be sick or ill on Mondays and Fridays as their mind focuses on their drinking habits.

They will probably use having a cold or flu as an excuse. There are others though who may stay dry for weeks or months even, but then will fall by the wayside and start to binge drink to make up for lost time. Once you come off the alcohol you will automatically suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, delusions, hallucinations, and sweating and if you just stop overnight … ("cold turkey"). Once alcohol dependence begins you are most definitely going to need medical assistance and medical detoxification may also be needed.

When someone actually decides to challenge an alcoholic it is never straight forward. One good bit of advice though is to handle the situation while he or she is sober and not under the influence of alcohol.

This initial contact is ofter referred to as an intervention and needs to be tackled with forward planning according to the experts in this field. You will be likely to get your best advice from a recognized organization such as Alcoholics Anonymous, who have been advising families for many decades now.

You should also consider consulting with the alcoholic's doctor and get advice on what specialist treatments are available, just so during the confrontation you are able to pass on all the tips and advice that will be necessary for the alcoholic to make the right decision. You will find 9 great tips that will help you achieve your objective on the blog linked below and this will put on the right track to help you in giving the best advice on alcoholism.

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