Sample Personal Development – Heal the Inner Terrain

The Inner Man

The outer man is clearly seen by all persons, but the inner person is all too well hidden from view. Scars, blemishes and the like can be clearly detected and treated by those who have skills to do so, including the sufferer himself possibly, if he possesses knowledge of various remedies.

But for scars running deep inside a man, no plastic surgeon can be up to the job. The injuries done to the inner man are far more complex and often not even understood by the conscious mind!

While it is true that one can run away from a physical circumstance or adverse situation, such dilemmas which exist deep down in the soul cannot be solved by running in the opposite direction, as you carry them with you. While temporary relief may be obtained, the seeds of inner conflict will eventually germinate and dominate our personal life all over again!

Sample Personal Development – Facing The Inner Person

Facing these inner issues head on appears to make logical sense, however when it comes to the subconscious mind where our inner schisms exist, logic is not always all that welcome.

When we are able to face up to our hurt feelings and realize that when we step on the toes of others unknowingly, we never feel the pain, but the other person does! Like wise who ever stepped on our toes, probably does not know the pain they have caused us, yet we are the ones left with the memory, while they have moved on in life, totally oblivious to the hurt caused by their actions.

Try to face up to the fact than each one of us has a different inner world and often a different perception of the outer world, which is bound to lead to misunderstandings and various hurt feelings.

Sample Personal Development – The World is Both Inner and Outer

On top of that some of us are sensitive by nature due to our feed back mechanism, hence we will feel things allot deeper than most. Top this up with the fact also that some choose to live fully in the outer world while others dwell largely in the inner world – you can see how this recipe of elements can easily produce some burnt cookies!

Obviously, to be a friend is the only way to get friends, but there is a drawback, various upsets from time to time! Yet those who are our genuine friends at heart will always come to our aid in time of emotional crisis. It is indeed a trade off, to have healthy relationships with the cost of putting up with the upsets which invariably come with them.

Source by Ryan Newton

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