Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Information

Health professionals are often sadly lacking in information about this condition, often simply failing to either recognize let alone treat it. Much more education about PCOS is needed for our health care providers.

If you have PCOS you could:

Be forced to spend a lot of time applying 'cover up make-up' to try to conceive your acne and scars, (even if you are in your 30's, 40's or 50's) you can get weight far too easily at an alarming rate You May experience hirsitism and endometriosis. You may have been tried on endless medications with severe side effects that do not have any effect on your PCOS. You also may never know when or if a period will arrive, some women skip a few months, some do not have any for years at a time though they still suffer each month with severe PMT. You may also crave sugary stuff, be unable to stay awake or unable to sleep properly.

You may have been given away advice by your doctor who may just say 'Lose some weight' which although we all know excess weight is undesirable to carry, if you are a polycystic ovary syndrome lady, it may be impossible for you to do this As until PCOS are under control, it is near impossible to shed those pounds!

Sufferers often have to wait years just to get a diagnosis, then they find that most treatments available are little use and there is little relief from taking them. These ladies will often have been worried about their health for years, exhausted and have given up on any hope of feeling like them again.

I myself am a former sufferer and have managed after years to not just get my symptoms under control but to reverse the effect. I lost over 100lb, went on to have two children and lost the severe acne I had suffered with for years. Still, no one knows what causes it but at least knowledge is better and with the right information no woman should have to tolerate this debilitating condition any longer.

Source by Cathy Barton

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