Organo Gold Reviews – Is Organo Gold a Legit Business Opportunity?

For coffee lovers, sometimes the new MLM Organo Gold would make a good fit. This prolific company, which was recently setup in 2008, promotes the use of healthy coffee, or coffee that is mixed with the medicinal herb Lingzhi or Ganoderma, which has its own amazing healing properties to cater to a large number of modern day illnesses.

According to several Organo Gold reviews, Ganoderma in itself tastes horrid and bitter but miraculously when Organo Gold decides to incorporate this ingredient into its coffee, it does not produce a pungent or a strong taste that serves as a reminder of that ancient herb within.

Why Is Organo Gold So Unique?

Organo Gold is a network marketing organization which posses the visionary dream of enabling each and everyone to reach their financial goals, through the business that offers healthy and attractive returns for its active distributors. Coffee is the 2nd highest traded commodity in the world, behind oil and gas!

Ganoderma is a long revered herb that hails from the east, probably from China that has a long range of medicinal properties with amazing curative powers. People have harvested this ancient mushroom to be turned into a number of traditional healing remedies.

Ganoderma is often regarded as the King of the mushroom world, mainly because of its healing properties. Just imagine adding a dose of these natural healing powers into a cup of coffee you drink every morning! Now you can enjoy a delicious and healthy drink that not only awakens and refreshes you every day but also provides long-term health benefit as well.

There's Room For Growth

Apart from this attractive product line, Organo Gold offers an equally attractive remuneration package for its distributors. Being a start up company, there is plenty of room for growth and expansion with this organization.

The market is a virgin territory to conquer. There should be no issues of saturation with Organic Gold. With 500 years of history behind Ganoderma's healing wonders plus the string background of the founders, Organo Gold is another MLM company to watch out for. The product is great and the opportunity for expansion is good with this MLM platform.

Organo Gold's Compensation Plan

There are seven ways to get paid with its compensation plan. The retail bonus, fast track bonus, the unilevel bonus and the team bonus are all attractive benefits to build your MLM team with this company. Apart from that there is also the global pool, which allocates a certain percentage of the worldwide sales to distribute to its leaders.

If that does not attract you despite the matching bonus would do the job ..

What is Organo Gold Lacking?

The only area that needs improvement with this multi-level marketing business opportunity is the ability to quickly and easily attract more leads and recruit more prospects. The old way of generating leads has gotten harder and harder. Every distributer needs a systematic way of appealing leads:

  • Without begging close friends and family.
  • Without pestering people in the grocery store.
  • Without putting flyers on peoples cars.
  • Without hanging out in places you do not want to be.

You need a way to attract tons of targeted leads per day without ever picking up the phone!

And Organo Gold does not teach this.

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