Myths Surrounding Acne – What Kind of Wrong Belief About Acne do You Have?

There are many myths surrounding acne. Today, I would like to highlight five of them and hopefully I can destroy those myths for you and increase your chance of having a clear skin.

# 1 Acne is caused by lack of hygiene

This is a myth. If you wash your face frequently every day, there's a chance you will make your acne worse. Acne is not caused by dirt and surface skin oils (contradictory to popular beliefs spread by the media). Yes, the accumulation of excess oils, dead skin, and a day's accumulation of dirt can make your skin look unsightly; They should not be removed by hand scrubbing.

The best way for you to be hygienic is this: gently wash your face twice a day with a mild soap, pat dry and use an appropriate treatment for your acne.

# 2 Diets affect acne

This needs more research. As you know, some society do not experience acne all across their population (look at Koreans and Japanese people!) But you can try to eat like their. I know some people who love to eat Japanese and Korean foods and their skin is better than those who eat all kinds of Western foods.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence supporting this theory.

# 3 Acne can be caused by stress

Stress may have an effect on your hormone but it will not directly have any effect on your acne. An effective acne system is actually more powerful than stress and you should stop worrying about stress can cause acne.

Your time is better spent on thinking on how to treat your acne than trying to blame your stress for causing acne.

# 4 Tanning clears up skin

This is false. Tanning can mask or "fool" people thinking your skin clears up but in reality, tanning does only that: fooling people and possibly yourself. You must realize that the sun can make your skin dry and irritated and breakouts will happen more frequently.

There is no research that link acne prevention with sun ray and that means it can only do more harm than good by thinking tanning can help. You need to protect your skin by choosing a sunscreen of at least SPF (sun protection factor) 15 and make sure on the label of the product it says the product is noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic so that it will not clog pores on your skin.

Myth # 5: Eating chocolate can cause acne

This is ridiculous. Eating chocolate can not indicate acne to happen. In fact, no research has shown eating specific type of foods can cause breakouts. However, each individual is different. You have to take notice as to what food can cause negative reaction to your skin so you can avoid eating that food to prevent acne spreading all over your face.

I hope this rather simple article on five myths can help you to fix your belief about acne and choose an appropriate treatment for it.

Source by Keith McArthur

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