Mobile Phones – A Revolution in Communication

Thanks to technological improvements and innovations today we can see the image of the person what we are talking.

From the voice communication to video conferencing mobile have technically grown a lot. Today mobile work as PC, wherever and whenever you need to access the internet. The mobile service providers are equally supported by the technological enhancement. The normal GSM mobile facility has moved to 3rd generation.

However, considering the fact today mobile phone offers too many options one must consider their needs before choosing a handset.

Today mobile companies offer a lot of different features in every second device, there are simple calling and receiving handsets, music phones, camera phones, smart phones, high-end phones which are integrated with great features like social networking, e mailing, QWERTY keypad , Touchscreen phones and many more are there in the offering.

But, nowdays simple mobiles are not much in demand, with launch of multi-media phones that they took a back seat. Today the young generation is more attracted towards the web-based mobile phones, prominently the devices which are integrated with social networking sites like Face book and twitter.

And with the introduction of smart-phones, touch-screen phones a new generation of handsets are making their mark in the industry. Not to forget the new mobile with high resolution cameras that are becoming a rage today like Sony Ericsson Xperia which comes with an 8 megapixel camera, but before you buy a mobile phone you must know your requirements, because you might get pampered for choices.

Source by Mark Jhon Bush

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