Message From the Universe: Making Your Illusions a Reality

“It’s human nature to unthinkingly project present circumstances, people, and feelings into your future, as if those that surround you today will follow wherever you go.

Until you remember, time’s just an illusion that allows you to project into space only those things you think about.

No more unthinking,

The Universe”

All these messages from the Universe reverts back to ONE principle: “Thoughts becomes things”. At the same time that these thoughts reverts to things, you should also add some action to this equation. Think about the good in your life, think about the people you want to be around with, be and stay positive, work on becoming a better person and the rest will follow. You don’t need to be a billionaire to be kind, and nothing depends on outside factors for you to become a generous and thoughtful person. Random act of kindness can be performed by anyone with any status. Keep that in mind.

When being surrounded with the right people, you get inspired by their presence and their energy. Each of us have different energy signature which provides us with the capability of determining if we want to be with that person or not. Call it instinct if you wish. We have that inner voice or gut feeling that helps us with that choice to move forward or not. It may be different when it comes to relationship though. I have seen many cases where relationship may be right at that specific time in life of both parties involved but a few years down the road, energy signatures can change and no longer in sync. Hence, the end result is one individual decides to change and better themselves while the other stays the same. Path have changes for both people involved and no longer share common interests as they did in the past. Result? Separation with imminent divorce (if married couple).

No one wishes this to anyone. Divorce is difficult but when you decide to share a life with someone, you should encourage each other to become better people, and do your best to always keep track of how both of you can keep the similar energy signature and change at the same pace, towards the same direction. It might be difficult at first, but constant communication is key to make this happen. Nothing is guaranteed in life when it comes to securing a life long relationship, however, if both put in the effort and energy on it, chances of success are enhanced dramatically and life together can be a fun and exciting journey.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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