Message From the Universe: Forgetting How to Live

“Isn’t it odd? Of all the people in all the world who are starting to “get it,” how few actually give it to themselves.

I think it’s because they simply forget to live it.

“Oh, yeah, I’m supernatural!”

Live it TODAY!

The Universe”

If you have read or listen to the Secret from Rhonda Byrne and have studied the principles provided in the book, you will understand the above quote from the Universe. Once you “Get it”, it will be easy to process the information from your thoughts and start applying changes in your life. Getting it means understand and listen to your inner voice, to your gut feeling about what is presently going on in your life. We always tend to second guess what that voice is telling us, why is it directing us in that path, why is this solution so easy, there must be something wrong. Well, there is NOTHING wrong really, just the fact that you do not believe in yourself enough to give yourself credit based on your existing experience. Your knowledge base increases as you gain life experience. There is no doubting, no questioning, no wondering as to why you should take that path instead of the other. Your subconscious knows better so just listen to it.

Once you have mastered the “getting it” phase, you will perceive things differently. You will learn how to think better, how to stop second guessing yourself, how to NOT hesitate when needing to make decisions in life. You will feel confident that every decision you make is the right one, but also assume all responsibilities of your decisions in case it doesn’t go the way you expected. If things go wrong, it is not because your inner voice or gut feeling was wrong, it is because external factors appeared at times where your inner voice wasn’t able to anticipate changes which confused certain elements in your thought processes. You were not in the wrong, the external elements were. I am not saying you should point fingers to other things that goes wrong in your life, but as long as you did everything you can to predict and anticipate things, you can’t always avoid all obstacles coming right at you at warp speed. This is what makes life so interesting.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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