Memorable Design Ideas – Invitations That You Can Make for a Barbie Birthday Party

A birthday party is more fun with a theme. And if it's a child's birthday party, it's certainly a lot more fun if the theme is related to the child's favorite things. If your child happens to love Barbies the best, you've more or less got your work cut out for you! Not only will you have a lot of fun planning the gathering; You'll also have fun designing the invitations that you can make for a Barbie birthday party.

Invitations that you can make for a Barbie birthday party can range from outrageous and fun to stylish and classy – it would depend on what your child usually likes. When she roleplays with her Barbies, what do you often notice the setting to be? Is it a quiet domestic tea party-type setting, or a wholesome beachside party setting complete with loud dance music? Usually a child will have several fantasy settings for her Barbie dolls, but if she happens to have a favorite play set, or an ideal setting for her Barbies, you could use it as a cue for the theme your party could take.

You should order your Barbie party accessories ahead of time. Based on your child's preference, you could have a lavish party – complete with costumes and Barbie accessory giveaways – or a quiet bring-your-own-dolls affair. Your child may be uncomfortable with an expensive affair – on the other hand, which child would not appreciate a party where she and her friends can enjoy taking their pick from glamorous Barbie doll accessories?

Pink is a color often associated with Barbie dolls. Pastel colors would go very well as a complement or an alternative to just pink. Giving your party a color theme would add to the charm of a Barbie birthday party, especially if your child happens to have a favorite color. This should be evident in most of her favorite dresses and accessories.

Of course, the photo of a dolled-up Barbie is just the perfect thing to use on the front of your invitation. But you may want to add a more personal touch to your creation, something your child may enjoy. When making the invitation, why not feature a headshot of your child edited onto the body of a character sitting with Barbie at a party table? Or a photo of your child playing with her favorite dolls. Your child's input will be needed for this, of course – you may not want to go around snapping photos of your child or using her photos for anything her friends are going to see, without her permission!

Avoid the unnecessary upset and consult your child about the invitations that you can make for a Barbie birthday party. Your child would be able to provide the best kind of design that would get her friends interested in attending her own party!

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