Liven Up Your Magic Act With Comedy

Performing magic tricks takes more than a kit filled with props. You need an act. Your magic act can take many forms from pure elegance to full blown wackiness. If you want to entertain audiences as much as you want to impress them with your magical skills, adding comedy to your act is sure to please. Mastering comedy also gives you an out when a trick does not go as planned.

Funny Magic
Your local magic store reasonably stocks a huge selection of magic tricks ranging from card tricks, stage magic, and coin magic to funny tricks designed for laughs. If you're just starting out with comedy, buying a card trick that's funny by design is a good first step.

Funny Magic Routines
If you have a good sense of humor, you do not need to buy specific magic tricks simply to be funny; You can apply your own humor and jokes to standard magic tricks. In fact, adding a comedic twist to an old-standby magic is one of the best ways to liven up the trick. After all, your audience may have seen the trick performed before, but not by you. Your unique comedy act will make an old magic new again!

Comedy as a Magic Lifesaver
When performing magic tricks , the occasional blunder is inevitable. Comedy can diffuse the mistake or camouflage it completely! For example, what if you have no clue which card a participant picked out of the deck? Now what? Do you toss the cards up in air and hope for the best? Hey, that could be funny if you do it with flair – and a punch line.

Comedy can also be used to direct attention elsewhere. As you're tripping on stage, doing a slapstick routine, your assistant may be able to slip offstage without anyone noticing. When you divert attention back to the assistant, she has magically disappeared!

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