Letting Go is the Way to Youthfulness

The one single thing that makes you look older are wrinkles? Right? Wrong. According to the Book of Beauty and Youthfulness, looking young and beautiful has little to do with the many wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, neck, hands, etc. In fact, the more wrinkles you have, it shows to the world that the more soul you have, the more you've lived, the smiles you've shone in this lifetime.

What prompted this was an 'inspiring' blog post on Oprah Winfrey's accidental deletion of a note she made on her mobile phone, a Blackberry. You see, according to the article, Oprah Winfrey writes down notes on her mobile phone whenever a thought strikes her and she does not want to forget that that thought ever occurred to her – so, the moment she thinks of something, she whips out The handy mobile phone and types it in and save.

One fine day, I assume that the affluent Miss Winfrey was not in her top form because after writing her note, instead of saving the file, she deleted the file. Tried as she might to recover the document, it was all to no avail. The file is lost …. forever. No amount of button-pushing was going to get her note back and there's absolutely nothing she can do about it.

Life is like that – you make a mistake and it's gone. The most important thing is, in Miss Winfrey's case, you never forget where the 'save' button is and to avoid the 'delete' button at all cost!

It was a mistake, yeah, sure …. we all agree that it was but the more we think about it, ponder over it, regret it, the less life we ​​are going to live. Life is not to be sent on thinking about a note we deleted, a nasty name we accidently called a good friend or the spanking we just gave our kids. If our quest for looking young and beautiful is to be on the right track, we need to be able to let things go and live life to its fullest.

That is the secret to the fountain of youth …. yeah, sure, you can count on your creams and anti-aging fragrances to help you but it goes beyond what the external can do. In order to look beautiful and young, you've got to lose yourself in living; Forget the mistakes but never forget the lessons that you've learned while making the mistakes.

You see, when Oprah lost her note, the love of her life told her that maybe she was meant to write something better – that advice sounds like wise advice.

So, to start looking young and beautiful, start with letting go of mistakes and learn to live life as if it's the last day you have left.

Source by Stephanie Younger

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