Hyperactivity Among Children – Five Ways Parents Can Cope

You know the scenario. Your child is loving and sweet and even says he loves you. Then, like a flash of lighting, he becomes a raging screaming monster and destroys everything in his wake. Doors, windows and beds. Parents sometimes have bruises and cuts as a souvenir of the struggle that took place. That's just one of a range of symptoms of ADHD together with hyperactivity among children, impulsiveness and inattention.

Destructive tantrums like that are just part of life for the poor parents of ADHD children. In the UK, it is now estimated that up to 9% of children suffer from this behavior disorder. Hyperactivity in children can be a normal part of childhood. However it is when this constant motion and outbursts hold back their development that alarm bells start ringing. You will need an expert diagnosis and do not just accept what the teacher says.

Here are five ways to help you cope with hyperactivity among children: –

1. Help your child to get through the day especially in getting ready for school, homework and also establishing a routine for going to bed. Planning is essential and also the child knows the routine. But because the attention span in ADHD kids is very short, everything has to be broken down into little steps. Use a timer so that it rings when things have to be done like brushing teeth, getting school bag ready.

2. Make sure you are in touch with the teacher. Try a behavior diary – you fill it in and the teacher fills it in every day. That is a great record of progress for both of you and is also a good way of doling out praise when it is warranted. Make sure you know what is going on in the classroom and you should also get an educational statement after the diagnosis is made as you are entitled to special educational facilities for your child.

3. Children need 'green time' and that means plenty of outdoor activities. Choose a sport or activity that really appeals to your child. Researchers now tell us that this sort of activity really calms hyperactivity in children and it also burns off all that manic energy.

4. Discover the talent in your child. ADHD children are often the funniest and most creative kids I know. Praise is important so any kudos in the form of stars, rewards of outings, more computer games and presents or just a hug for good behavior / achievement are given to the child on the spot.

5. Find your nearest ADHD support group if there is one in your area. The support, advice and encouragement from other parents can be a lifesaver.

The question of ADHD medication is a difficult one. Each parent will have to make a decision. All too often, hyperactivity among children is just appreciated by giving psychostimulants (Ritalin and Concerta) which can be effective in calming kids down but I know some kids who lost so much weight that they had to try something else. There is an alternative ADHD therapy which is a homeopathic remedy which is free of side effects and will not stunt your child's growth. You can find out more from the link below. This has been a lifesaver for parents trying to cope with hyperactivity in children.

Source by Robert William Locke

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