How to Create a Modern Theme for Your Bachelorette Lounge

It’s completely understandable if you want to move with the era of modernity. The question is how do you create a theme for the lounge which matches your personality without overdoing it? Here is how to make the room modern yet feminine.

When people think of femininity they think of flowers and soft colours. That isn’t always the case when it comes to a home. Yes, flowers are lovely for living rooms but add contradicting colours to create an artistic or abstract modern look.

Women are known to be warm and nurturing. This is the concept you should think about when designing your beautiful modern lounge.

Cushions, carpets, drapes, tassels and curtains are the best items to display in your lounge. Ensure they have colour commonality across the decor otherwise it could look like a grandmother’s house. They don’t have to be pink or purple to be feminine. White, beige, lighter colours and possibly red allow you to achieve a modern feminine look. Try to limit how many contrasting colours you use to avoid the room looking like a cupcake shop.

Adding a fleece throw over a couch can give you the homely feel in a modern lounge. The idea is to drape it neatly over the arm or back of the couch. The fleece throw adds colour to the room and acts as a blanket during those cold months of the year.

Every house should have curtains that split the living room in the home from the outside world. It is also a great decor opportunity because it can be customised to suit the theme. It’s a good idea to match the colour of the curtains with another element inside the room such as the carpet. If you have a pink and beige carpet, the curtain should emanate these colours. Don’t use the same colour as the walls because this could make the room look flat and empty.

Patterned cushions are a beautiful asset to place on your lounge suite. The pattern could be a vintage design printed in black and white. You can never go wrong with these two tones. Choose a lounge suite that has clean lines with solid rectangular shapes.

Wallpaper is an easy way to add colour to your walls with little effort. Wallpaper can be used on one wall as a focal point. The pattern could be a vintage style or an abstract design to create a decorative focal wall.

Add large green plants such a bamboo. This will break the colour scheme and bring in natural elements which are trendy at the moment.

Your home is where you should be able to experiment freely with different kinds of decorative elements. You should have fun with it and always keep the modern theme and colour scheme in mind when searching for the right decor.

Source by Meghna Lalloo

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