How To Choose A Marquise Cut Diamond

Choosing a diamond can be a very hard process if you are not sure how everything works. There are many different forms of cut out there, each with their own unique qualities. The worlds most popular cut is the round brilliant, but now other cuts are started to increase in popularity due to the round brilliants saturation of the industry. In recent years there has been a boom in interest for different shapes, such as; The pear, the oval, the princess and the marquise. In this article I'll be explaining what makes the marquise cut unique, and what features you should look out for in order to choose a marquise diamond.

The Shape Of The Marquise

The marquise is elongated with pointed ends. Many people think that this particular cut will look a lot bigger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. The cut is considered to be a very fancy shape, and will certainly stand out in a crowd. The standard number of faces that are within the diamond is 58, how the pavilion facets can range from between four and eight.

A marquise diamond is commonly cut to a 2.00 ratio, or from a very near range depending on the initial shape. This is able to give the stone the length and elegance, but will also provide a good enough width. This means that precision accuracy is required when cutting the marquise. If it is too short then it can look too much like an oval, whilst if it is too big it will lack many of the reflective features that are required.

Taking Care of The Marquise

The marquise is definitely one of the most fragile diamond cuts due to the sharp edges. These features of the stone can increase the overall risk of damage. It's also important the view the angles of the stone and ensure that they have been cut properly, this will avoid the bow tie effect. This can pose a big probem for some diamonds, as sections of the stone will have a bow tie shaped dark area. By ensuring that the angles of a diamond have been cut efficiently then you can avoid this issue.

Clarity And Color

The clarity and color if any diamond is very important, however due to the shape of the marquise these features are even more prominent than usual. With the round brilliant, and other forms of diamond this is much less noticeable, especially to the human eye. However with the marquise these features need to be optimal in order for the diamond to look the best.

Most jewelers would recommend that you purchase a diamond that has a minimum color range of H and a clarity grade of SI1. Obviously the cut should also be to the highest grade possible as well. Another feature to look out for when buying a stone is to ensure that it has a good polish, this can effect the overall reflective qualities that the stone will possess.

Source by Paula D Jenise

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