How Do I Grow My Penis Really Fast? (Without Pills, Potions Or Lotions)

In this article we are going to re-examine what I believe is the absolute FASTEST way to build a big and powerful penis quickly, and do it naturally to boot. If you are anything like me, you probably have explored the absolute avalanche of penis enlargement strategies that are out there, and may even have tried one or two. (Or ten) The simple truth is this: No matter how many options I have personally explored, at the end of the day, in MY experience, the quickest and most elegant path to anatomical improvement is through exercise. Read on as I explain.

Anatomical Explanations

To say there is a bit of controversy about penis enlargement processes would be an obvious understatement. There are LOTS of opinions, theories on what works best, and even contradarians who will tell you that NOTHING works at all! I beg to differ … and have the personal results to prove it. But the key is, to make your OWN mind up, and to understand the process of HOW enlarging works, and then CAPTIALIZE on that knowledge and make it happen for yourself.

There are 2 distinct processes that will build your penis size quickly: 1 is the process of drawing more blood into the corposa cavernosa, which exposes the penis and allows it to hold more blood. Secondly is the process of regenerating the penile tissue aggressively through "stress", which is done through exercise. (Similar to the same process in any other part of your anatomy!)

Connecting the Dots

Natural exercise is the safest, quickest, and most efficient way I know of that incorporates the above methodologies in an easy to follow, easy to SEE process. Jelqing, PC contractions, girth "grunts" and all of the other popular motions and techniques are proven and effective, and you SHOULD see small gains within a few weeks to start …. and within a few months for certain!

Source by Amos Amsterdam

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