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This innovative combination of advanced hardware and software applications has made it possible to conduct both audio and visual communications between participants – regardless of geographical location. TELECONFERENCING ADVANTAGES:

O Offers organizations who conduct business on a national or international level to communicate effectively with various groups of individuals simultaneously.

O Effectively gives businesses unending cost-effective access to a virtual boardroom instantaneously.

O Low cost method of real time communication where participants are not obliged to travel from one board room to another.

O Removes seating restrictions as a teleconference can be arranged between unlimited participants.

O Free web based information sessions with crystal-clear telephone quality.

O Moderator has the ability and resources to arrange teleconferencing with minimal planning and effort.


O Ability to control selection and numbers of participants who can attend meetings.

O Able to veto or outright forfeit unauthorized attendance.

O Has access to participants' profiles once they are logged into a call.

O Visual and audio notification of members' participation.

O Reject unauthorized requests for participation in conference.

O Ability to monitor vocal and text communications between participants.


O Huge potential for financial gain.

O Distinct and noticeable reduction in travel and long distance calling expenses.

O Saves time for everyone involved.

O Ability to communicate with and co-ordinate multiple branches of related business.

O Able to share visual documentation with selected participants.

O Able to offer improved customer service.

O Instant collaboration and training opportunities.

O Never have to be concerned with seating allocation, participation is unlimited.

O Desktop application allows the option of calling impromptu meetings at the discretion of the moderator.

O Multi-tasking functions make video / audio communications effortless and efficient.

In today's fast-based, hectic business environment it is often necessary to co-ordinate instant communications between various interested parties. This is where VoIP technology, with its digital compression of audio and video streams available in real time, has become one of the most effective tools that can be used to enhance and promote any business venture.

Video conferencing is a technologically developed tool that provides modern day business operators with an opportunity to telecommunicate efficiently and effectively with others via a module previously unimagined at any level.

By offering the opportunity to share digital and audio presentations among selected groups of people at the same time, the moderator of the telecommunication module can take advantage of a secure, innovative opportunity to conduct business while receiving simultaneous input from various locations and interested parties.

Any successful business person knows the key to success lies in communication. Web based conferencing is able to allow previous barriers of space and time to be hurdled over with ease.

Effective communication is based on many things including voice reflection which can often convey either the enthusiasm or ennui of participating members. Often not immediately obvious in written text, audio / visual communications is able to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the personal commitment of interested parties.

By implementing a VoIP module of communication, mutual sharing of pertinent data is a simple keystroke away, providing an innovative, dynamic, result-oriented communications tool that is gaining world wide recognition and credibility on a daily basis.

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