Himalayan Salt – History, Description, Benefits, Uses and Products Available

Since ancient times, salt has been the principle source of income for the Himalayan people. Because food preserved in salt retains its nutritional properties for several months, Himalayan people use it to keep fish and meat all year long. Salt is also used as a currency in trading thus the word salary. For centuries, once a year in springtime, the Himalayan people have been transporting the salt to the Nepalese valleys for trade. Heavily burdened yaks carry the salt, traveling along narrow sloping paths, often the paths have been carved in cliffs. Once they have arrived at their destination, the salt is traded for cereals, which is the staple of the diet for these Himalayan salt traders. It is easy to understand why salt has always been so precious for mankind.

Much purer than sea salt, Himalayan salt combines sublime flavor from the ancient sea with rich minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. This marine fossil salt is mined by hand from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, the tallest mountain range in the world. This crystalline salt was probably formed thousands of years ago in Old Testament times when the upheaval of minerals and earth once laying at the bottom of the earth’s ocean floors was thrust upwards to form majestic mountains.

Kept in a pristine environment that is surrounded by snow and ice year round, this salt would not be affected by the pollution now present in most of the world’s seas and oceans where salt is produced. Himalayan salt has been extracted from the mine by hand, according to long-standing tradition, without the use of any mechanical devices or explosion techniques. After being brought from beneath the mountain, this diamond-like crystal salt is hand-selected, hand-crushed, hand-washed, and sun dried. Himalayan salt is 100% natural unrefined and unpolluted translucent crystals. Its sublet, crunchy texture, raw or cooked, makes a unique and delightful addition to any savory fare.

Himalayan salt is the healthiest, purest salt on earth! It is much healthier than sea salt! It is delicious tasting, rich in minerals, free of bleaches, preservatives, and chemical additives, it has more than 94 minerals and trace elements. If compared to table salt; it is unprocessed, it contains no environmental pollutants, whereas typical table salt in your grocery has been ‘commercially cleaned’ and is dried at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit; the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt. Himalayan salt has many uses other than table salt or salt for cooking.

More recently, slabs of Himalayan salt, in the shape of a large tile can actually be used for enhancing the taste of hot and cold foods. For cold foods, place the tile in the refrigerator for an hour or so, the salt will retain the temperature for 2-3 hours, you can serve salads, fruits, vegetables, sushi and desserts on it. For hot foods, place the tile in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once it is hot, place meat on it and put it back in the oven or on the grill. The tile will cook, sear, and season your steak, lamb, fish, or shrimp at the same time. It is simple to clean, just wipe with a towel, no additional cleaning is required, since the salt tile is antiseptic and antibacterial.

Large crystal rocks are used as salt lamps, there are candles, bath salts and even salt saunas! The lamps are scientifically proven to work like an air purifier and are often called Nature’s Air Purifier. The lighted lamp emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that causes us to feel stuffy and sluggish. They clear the air and naturally dilute odors so that we can breathe easier. People with asthma, sinusitis and common allergies often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms and many medical practitioners recommend using these lamps to help relieve depression and fatigue. In addition to these health benefits, the lamps make very unique, healthy and beautiful gifts. Every piece is distinctly hand carved to retain the unique natural look and beauty of salt crystals, so no two salt lamps are alike.

Himalayan salt candles are ideal for your dinner table or can be placed anywhere you want to be surrounded by clean air. Himalayan bath salts remove dead skin cells and replenish essential vitamins to the skin promoting clear and healthy skin with a natural glow. Taking a 30 minute Himalayan salt bath has the cleansing effects of a three day fast. Toxins are released through osmosis into the bath water while the minerals from the bath are absorbed. Salt saunas are springing up across our country. Salt saunas provide a very different atmosphere in which to receive the benefits of salt. In the spa you breathe in salt particles. The walls of the salt spa are covered with multiple, very thin layers of salt particles and a fine mist is emitted throughout the room. You can enjoy 45 of the most enjoyable minutes you have ever spent as you relax, read or even sleep.

Himalayan salt offers far more than the ambience of mood lighting, night-lights, and the attractive glow of lamps and candles, the good feel of a salt bath or the delicious taste from the salt in cooking or at your table. Himalayan salt is a well kept secret and offers many benefits that have been unknown for centuries.

Source by Christine Waters

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