Gold Predictions Set to Top $ 2000 an Ounce

Gold rates are going to explode to over $ 2000 / oz which indicates that the time has come when the prices of gold and other precious metals can no longer be suppressed. For many years we have seen the rate of gold increasing. This has made it difficult for everyone to make gold predictions. The reason for this increase is the poor management of US dollar. Gold prices are manipulated to make the dollar look strong and attract other countries to put their currency reserves into dollar based investments. This will gradually attract people to invest on gold and other precious metals. The main players in this manipulation game are the US Treasury, Central banks, US Federal Reserve, and bullion banks which leases gold.

Here the process is handled out mainly by the central banks who manipulate the gold price and the bullion banks carry out their orders. But now the situation is out of control and there is no way you can suppress the prices of gold and other precious metals. Here the gold predictions too are going to change. Because of the mess and crises developed in the government, the investors are planning to play a safer game by turning their investments towards gold and silver. As the dollar value is decreasing, many countries like china are transferring their currency reserves to gold. This will have a great impact on financial institutions that are depending on money flow.

This in turn affects many industries which depend on those financial institutions for loan to help their cash flow. Other manufacturing sectors will also be affected as a result of this. If many such financial institutions are affected by the decrease in cash flow, more and more stocks will fall and even more investors will be turning to gold. This is why it is difficult to make gold predictions.

Source by Jon Safer

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