Closely Examine A Leader's BELIEFS

If your basic core of beliefs differs fundamentally from an individual in a position of a leadership, you probably would not want him to be your leader! Where does he stand on those issues closest and dearest to you, and if he differs, can he make a knowledgeable case, for why he believes as he does? This does not mean you must agree with everything, nor will you, but if there are significant basic differences, that are so dramatically different, that they concern you, you must then, be ready, willing able to closely review, examine and consider, The leader's core set of BELIEFS.

1. Benefits; Best; Believable: Are there any significant benefits, which might be at risk, if a certain concept is approached, in a considering different manner? Why do you believe your way is the best approach, and what makes you believe the leader's way is not, at least, as good? Does the individual's beliefs and policies make sense to you, and are his arguments, and / or discussions believable and / or viable?

2. Empathetic; Example: Is your belief based on a personal perception, or is it more more – spread? What are the perceptions, concerns, objections, challenges, needs and priorities of the constituents? What kind of example is the person, who will be leading, going to set? Will it inspire and motivate, or turn – off, etc?

3. Listen; Learn: Will he listen more than he speaks, or does he interrupt, and not let others fully explain their points of view? When he listens, does he merely hear, but ignore / forget, or does it inspire him to learn, and create viable solutions, to address needs, challenges and concerns?

4. Integrity; Ingenuity; Interests; Intents: Will he or she, maintain absolute integrity, or kindly say and do, whatever is most expedient, and / or popular? Can the person perceive and conceive of additional alternatives, and use his ingenuity, to create solutions? Are his interest aligned with the mission of the group? What do you believe his inner intents, may be?

5. Examining; Elicit; Excellence: Will the potential leader take the time and effort, examining the possibilities and alternatives? Will he seek to elicit participation from his stakeholders? Will he seek excellence, or merely accept whatever is simple?

6. Faithful; Fair; Up – front: Do you believe the individual will be faithful to the mission and heritage of the organization? How fair will he be to others? Does he speak of a plan, and a solution, but is he consistently sparse with details, and provides little up – front information?

7. Strengths; Sustainable system: Do his strengths outweigh his weaknesses? Do you believe this person, will create, develop and implement a quality, sustainable system?

It's difficult to support someone, if you do not agree with their BELIEVS! Closely examine these details, before you support any leader!

Source by Richard Brody

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