Choosing the Setting For Your Diamond Engagement Ring – What Are Your Choices?

Deciding which setting is perfect for your diamond is one of the first and hardest decisions you have to make when buying an engagement ring. This is important because this is the ring that you or your girlfriend will wear for a lifetime. Get it wrong, and it will quickly look dated. When this happens your lady will stop admiring it and eventually stop wearing it on a daily basis. This is a terrible fate to befall any piece of fine jewelry, but especially an engagement ring! So choose carefully!

So what are your options?

The Solitaire
The diamond solitaire because the most popular setting for an engagement ring around the middle of the 1960s, following a high profile campaign by DeBeers. It combines a single diamond set high in a prong or bezel setting on a band of precious metal. Because the diamond commands solo attention, this setting suits larger diamonds of a quarter carat and above and also good grade white diamonds with high clarity and good cut.

This setting suits all shapes of diamonds and all colors of precious metal. Although the setting is a tall one and prong set solitaires are mere to snag on clothing and the like.

The Trilogy Setting
This is another classic setting which has become popular for occasions other than an engagement although it can make a stunning engagement ring. For the trilogy, three gemstones representing the past, the present and the future, are typically prong set. These are either all diamonds or a small colored gemstone flanked by two diamonds, or a central diamond flanked by two colored gemstones. The three stones are usually set in the same plane as the band of the ring, although they can also be set on a twist for variation.

The Cluster
The diamond cluster is a collection of smaller gemstones surrounding a central diamond or colored gemstone. Although the cluster ring offers one of the best opportunities for experimenting with more fashionable colored gemstones, it also looks fabulous all in diamond. The cluster ring is arguably the setting which is the most likely to date because it can be fashioned in so many different ways.

The Band Ring
The diamond band ring is generally pave or channel set with an array of diamonds to create an illusion of brilliance across the surface of the ring. The setting is smooth and low set into the metal band making this ring one of the easiest to wear on a daily basis. It is especially suited to active types or people with jobs close to others, such as school teachers and medical professionals.

There are other settings to choose from too, but these are the most common ones for a diamond engagement ring. Choose carefully and your diamond ring will become an heirloom piece for generations to come.

Source by Elizabeth Henderson

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