Can I Speak To My Parents Even Though They Are Dead?

With rumors of Tori Spelling hearing from the Deceased Farrah Fawcett rampant on the Internet, I have begun to wonder if the dead can really speak. I personally doubt if Farrah Fawcett would speak to Tori Spelling as opposed to the love of her life, Ryan O'Neal or their son, but who am I to doubt Tori's incredible tale? After all, she does have a reality show to pitch.

For years, people have wondered if the dead can and do speak. I have to admit to wondering if my parents have ever tried to speak to me from their graves. I certainly would give a great deal for one last conversation with my mother and father.

Psychics like Sylvia Browne and John Edward have made a living out of convincing people that the dead can speak. Sylvia Browne, a noted television personality, has written several bestselling books and tours the country. John Edward became an instant celebrity with his television show, 'Crossing Over with John Edward'. Are they scammers or not?

The truth is what you believe. Many religions speak of life after death and reincarnation. Christ's words, 'I am always with you' are often interpreted as a person never being abandoned by those who truly love them.

If the dead really do speak, then how do they speak? Is it through others like in the movie 'Ghost' where Patrick Swayze uses Whoopi Goldberg as a vessel? Or perhaps the dead speak as they do in 'Medium' or 'The Ghost Whisperer'? The ways in which people say the condemned have talked to them varies from person to person. Some individuals say the dead talk to them in dreams. Others supposedly have received signals such as wind out of now or a blessing when they need it most.

Today, ghost hunters use digital technology to detect the presence of the after life. Some of these researchers have even claimed to record the voices of the dead. Real or unreal? There's no right or wrong answers. Considering millions of people around the world have admitted to communicating with dead loved ones, sometimes the pronounced really can speak. If you're a nonbeliever and see no scientific explanation that would allow a person to speak from the grave, then the concept of the after life would be unreal to you.

Can the dead speak to you? Only you can make that decision for yourself. As for me, I would certainly love to talk to my parents.

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