Benefits of Pet Crate Covers

Many pet owners love the benefits of crate training their dog but are not pleased with the general look of having a large box in their family living space to house their pet. As a result, many purchase a dog crate cover to help camouflage the crate and allow it to blend in more readily with their d├ęcor. In their attempt to solve the problem of an eye sore in the home, owners are quickly realizing that the benefits reach far beyond aesthetics.

Most models are constructed of fabric, which leads to a wide selection of fabric styles, colors and patterns. If a pup’s home is located in a place that is drafty, the cover can provide extra warmth. It if is located in an area that receives a good bit of sunlight, it can provide shade. There are even models designed for outdoor use, providing extra protection from the elements. In any case, if the pet’s comfort level is increased, this can impact not only health, but behavior in a positive way.

For a puppy that is recently weaned, a pet crate cover can create an environment that feels particularly cozy and secure. This can help your canine adjust to a new environment and may even help it sleep better through the night.

Some models come with various accessories, adding to the comfort level provided for your animal. It is possible to find pet crate covers that are sold in a set and include a mattress and bumper. Some retailers also offer matching pillows and blankets for purchase. Again, the more secure and comfortable the space is, the more inviting it is to your animal.

Be sure to speak to the retailer about sizes offered. There are a number of standard sizes available, and some retailers also offer custom options. Another consideration is how many doors or openings are included. Some dog crate covers are made with only one door, while others have more. Some models allow the sides to be pulled or rolled up and fastened at the top, offering an opportunity for your pet to have a wider view, and be more engaged in its surroundings. These can then be dropped or zipped back into place for quiet time.

While researching your purchase, it is helpful to consider all the possible benefits, and not focus strictly on the appearance. This will result in something that is pleasing to both you and your dog.

Source by Teresa James

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