Antioxidant-Rich Chocolate Speeds Weight Loss

There are PLENTY of stories featured in magazines and on TV about how certain kinds of chocolate can promote great benefits for consumers. However, it's not your average "candy-bar in the grocery-store" chocolates that these publications are speaking about!

Dr. Keith Scott-Mamby is a world renowned expert in the field of alternate medicine, who has extensively researched the characteristics and benefits of dark chocolate as a nutritive and dietary aid.

Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the Cacao tree (pronounced "ke-kou") which is a perennial equatorial-American plant that Doctor Scott-Mumby says is full of flavonoids – which are commonly known for their antioxidant characteristics. "A small amount of chocolate can hold as many flavonoids as four and a half cups of tea, two of red wine, or as much as six apples!", Says the Doctor.

"That's why I have created the Doctor's Chocolate", says Dr. Scott-Mumby. "It draws upon the great benefits of pure-chocolate while abstaining from all of the unhealthy and disparable components that are often contained in the typical store-bought candies. Enjoying just one to three pieces of my special chocolate will help to reduce your appetite and Curb your desires for junk food – as a result helping you to lose weight ".

After starting a weight loss program with her husband, Charlotte Palmer (of Alberta, Canada), decided to snack on the Doctor's Chocolate as a sweet to assist in suppressing her appetite and curb her hankering for other "corrupting" snacks. After four months, Charlotte lost 50 pounds and continues to maintain her healthy diet! "Eating The Doctor's Chocolate has helped me along because it has kept me from eating other junk food, it has helped suppress my appetite, and it has helped me to remain calm and not so stressed when you're missing out on all the other Treats, "says Charlotte.

The Doctor's Chocolate is nothing more than twenty calories per piece, is diabetic-safe and because it is not adulterated with all the sugars and milk that processed chocolate is so well known for, it actually is absorbed gradually leaving you feeling satisfied after only a Few pieces.

This original recipe has NO trans-fat so you do not have to feel ashamed when you enjoy them. They taste great without the typical sugar that can often cause difficulties with weight gain and blood sugar. Instead of mile and sugar being added, The Doctor's Chocolate is sweetened by a sugar alcohol called Xylotol, approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a diabetic-safe non-sugar sweetener.

Be careful of any chocolates containing chemical or synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. The Doctor's Chocolate is all natural, without coloring, preservatives or additives.

Source by Michael Marrs

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