3 Suggestions On What To Cook With A Tagine Pot

If you have just received a tagine pot as a gift from friends and you happen to be someone who loves to cook, then you are going to enjoy the dishes and stew that this pot is able to whip up. Here are basically 3 suggestions on what you can cook with the tagine pot .

Meat Tagines

When we talk about Moroccan tagines, the first thought that would whiz past your mind would be the delicious meat tagines that are prepared with it. Normally, it would be a lamb dish or stew as tagines are great for cooking meats till they are tender. The thickness of the stew would depend on how you like it. Since everyone has their own personal taste and if you happen to be the one cooking it, you get to decide on how spicy or thick you would like it to be. Then again, there are those who might not like lamb. So do not worry as you could always cook using other meats of your choice like chicken, fish or even pork. As long as the people you are serving the food to are able to consume the meats, then you are good to go as you would not want to offend anyone.

Vegetable Tagines

Those who are vegetarian or vegan will not have any problem cooking with Moroccan tagines as they could whip up tasty vegetable tagines on their own. If you are planning to have quests over, you could have a combination of a meat tagine and vegetable tagine to serve them. In case you think that these vegetable dishes are boring, I can assure you that if you follow the Moroccan recipes, they are going to be a blast. Best eaten with freshly baked bread or couscous. In fact, if you want to improve, you could eat them with rice as well.

Sweet Tagines

Now if you would like to have a bit more adventurous, you could try cooking some sweet tagines. These are basically used as celebratory dishes. Well, there's always something to celebrate in life. Anyways, these sweet tagines could be meat or vegetable but they will be sweet because of the many different types of dried fruits and nuts that are added into it. You could add dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dates, apples, pears, red corridors along with the usual spices and ground black pepper to the dish. Your guests will enjoy it if they would like to try something new.


So cooking with a tagine pot is quite fun as there is a variety of food that you can whip up. There are different flavors and taste to try out. Have fun cooking and eating!

Source by Amelia Warmheart

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