Taj Mahal – The Voice of Mumbai

Director Chandra Barot who directed the 1978 Amitabh Bachchan starrer DON was right when he showcased Mumbai as the city of opportunties and success stories, a city for dream and dream merchants and a city of Gold. Barot's lyrical reference to the song 'Ei Hai Bambai Nagariya tu dekh Babuwa? Sone chandi ki dagariya too […]

Camping in Key West During Fantasy Fest

Boyd’s is a privately owned campground, located at mile marker five and is at the city limits of Key West. For the camper wanting to stay close to Key West this campground is hard to beat. This is a campground that pretty much has it all. Amenities’ include but not limited to oceanfront sites with […]

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Sensual Man – 8 Things Any Man Can Do

What does it mean to be a sensual man? There are a number of things sensual men do, routinely and naturally, that make them more sensual than the rest of their brotherhood. Some do a few of them and others do all of them but none of these men consider any of these things to […]

Olian Maternity and Nursing Clothes

For expectant mothers, finding those essential clothing pieces for pregnancy and nursing is an important task to ensure that you will be comfortable and fashionable both during and after your pregnancy. Many designers specialize in one or two items, being well known for their blazers, their nursing tops, or their maternity swimwear. However, Olian Maternity […]

Protecting Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a horrible problem. Those who identities are stolen must go through so much legwork just to get their lives back on track. The worst part about identity theft is the fact that so many people believe that it could never happen to them. In all honesty, they could be no further from […]

What You Should Know Before You Hire A Home Improvement Contractor

Home Improvement Contractors (HIC) and Home Improvement Salesman (HIS) are required by law in almost every jurisdiction in the United States to be registered and licensed. Licensing procedures are generally done by Municipal or local agencies of the relevant State. For example, HIC and HIS are licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs in New […]

When the Sun Sets

I reminisce about that time of my life when I waltzed into the sunset holding her hands. This was no ordinary sunset. We looked at the scintillating sea sparkling beyond the far horizons. Nature beckoned me with a glimpse of paradise. The sea was serene and calm, the sky tinted with gold and fiery orange […]

Learn More About Firming Creams

One of the many signs of aging is sagging skin and wrinkles. These natural aging signs are usually caused prematurely from exposure to the sun's UV rays. Other things that damage the skin cells are free radicals. The skin will also start to hang when you drop a lot of weight quickly. If you desire […]

Rainbow Sandals – Hemp Vs Leather

For those who are searching for Rainbow Sandals Hemp or Leather versions, it might be helpful to have a bit of information on the features for each of these styles to help make the right shopping choice.  Here are some of the differences and similarities of both: About Hemp style Rainbow sandals: They are made […]

Top 5 Jewelry With High Reserve Value & Tiffany is First

Now 09 Christmas is just around the corner and people are all busy buying presents for their families and friends. Then what kind of presences should we buy? Many of us may choose jewelry, for their elegance and quality. And what's more, jewelry has very high reserve value. However, there are so many brands of […]